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This wiki is devoted to the awesome show that is The Voice USA. Do you have "the voice"?


The format for this show is pretty simple. Four coaches who happen to be four of the biggest stars in music today have to form teams based on what they hear instead of what they see. They sit with their backs to the artists, and if they like what they hear, they push a button, which turns their chair around, letting the artist know that they're interested in having them on their team. If one coach pushes their button and no one else does, the artist is automatically on that coach's team. If more then one coach pushes their button and turns around then the artist decides who he/she wants to have as their coach.

The showEdit

Based on the popular singing show, The Voice of Holland, The Voice USA mainly focuses on vocal talent only where other shows like American Idol and The X-Factor put a lot of the focus on looks and personality. While that is also important, what makes The Voice USA different is that a great voice is what makes a star regardless of what you look like or how old or young you may be.

The prizeEdit

The winner of The Voice USA wins a record deal with a label within the Universal Music Group.


The host of The Voice USA is American television personality Carson Daly, who first became well known as the host of MTV's Total Request Live and currently hosts his own late night talk show, Last Call with Carson Daly.


The four coaches happen to be four of the biggest stars in music today. Country music superstar Blake Shelton has been a part of the show since the beginning. Other coaches who have been on the show are R&B superstar Usher (Season 4, Season 6) Latin superstar Shakira (Season 4, Season 6), R&B star CeeLo Green (Seasons 1-3 and Season 5), singer-producer Pharrell Williams (Seasons 7-10), No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani (Season 7, Season 9, Season 12, Season 17 and Season 19), pop icon Christina Aguilera (Season 1-3, Season 5, Season 8, and Season 10), Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine (Season 1-16), R&B singer Jennifer Hudson (Season 13 and Season 15), pop superstar Kelly Clarkson (Season 14-present), R&B singer John Legend (Season 16-present) and singer-songwriter Nick Jonas (Season 18).

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